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    Grange Garden

    240 S Cedros Avenue
    Solana Beach, CA

    I had the opportunity to visit one of the most unique and exquisite coffee bar cafes ever! This treasured hideaway is located in Solana Beach – just off the infamous Highway 101 in the greater San Diego, California area. Only a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean, Grange Garden offers patrons the surprise joy of petting bunnies while enjoying their customized cappuccino and pastry on the side. Imagine walking through this little shop of paradise on an extended lunch break or simply enjoying a Saturday morning cup of Joe among frolicking happy-go-lucky bunnies! Below are a few snapshots from the visit!

    What could be cuter? Please be sure to visit Grange Garden’s website for more information on policies, procedures, and applicable fees.


    M. Gail Grant